How to Convince Your Wife to Wax The "Bush"!

I do not know why your girlfriend prefers mop of curls at the top of her head... But I know how to persuade her to ensure that it is a goodbye to the "bushes" below. But that’s basically what you want, isn’t it?
Back in the 4th century BC Mesopotamia, women used to pay close attention to the bikini line. Now, what about the bikini boom that occurred in the 90 years of the 20th century?...  But it seems that all these events have passed by your girl if her "curls" are present.
What to do and how to resolve this problem?

1. Make shaving a part of foreplay
8 out of 10 women trust men in terms of shaving!  You, the man, shave every day & know how to do it safely. Use this skill to your ladylove and offer services of the intimate barber. More importantly, choose the right time for this. Not in the doorway yelling, "You know what, honey, it's time you shave!" Prepare a bath with essential oils (I recommend oil of ylang-ylang and lavender). This is, firstly, soften the skin of your partner, and secondly, the positive impact on mood. To lightly massage the girl's neck, shoulders, and only then, take a moment, and offer to shave her. Act confidently, carefully and gently!
2. Gift a certificate to a beauty salon
9 out of 10 women believe that the best way to "hint" about the need for hair removal girl!  You can take her to a salon or get her multiple services but not to forget to add the hair removal of the bikini zone.
3. Show me an example
Yes, my friend. Love to ride, love to shave  Sometimes it is about the simple childhood games of copy cat!   First, shave yourself as an example.  Tell her how much you like it!  Maybe it feels "cooler" in these hot summer months.  Give her a reason to want to try something new!

4. Compare it with the actress
Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria, Demi Moore, Pink, Jennifer Anniston, Scarlett Johansson - they all do it! They shave their pubic area, experiment with intimate hairstyles and they have all excitedly talked about it in an interview! Play on the self-esteem of your partner and tell him that it is no worse than these Hollywood beauties, and also worthy of a dazzling intimate haircut ;)

And where is the option to "ask directly," you ask? It’s not here. None of the women ever interviewed have said they would like to be asked directly "Well, what is this impenetrable bush, dear?" 
But perhaps there is still a certain percentage of women who will not confuse these cries and silently take the tip and correct the situation. Waxing/Shaving the pubic area is a delicate and intimate question. So be considerate and courteous! I know you can if you want to.