What the hecks the difference between a Bikini, Brazilian & a Hollywood Wax?!

We've come a long way since the hippy 60's bush!
Growing up with the new millennium generation everything was smooth and sleek - & that included shaving smooth all your hair (below your eyebrows)!  It was not something that was discussed with friends, it's just assumed - because that's how it looks when you get a glimpse on tv.  Never to you see a woman with any pubic hair visible, so why would you thin its normal to even keep that hair!

Now that is the opinion of the girls in their mid 20's and younger!

Unfortunately, shaving your skin bare will always leave you feeling like sandpaper!  Not only is your skin rough to touch a few hours after waxing, but it is also just always seems to be growing - constantly!

Sometimes, some girls will  'forget' & do not pay attention and accidentally, grow their curls!   Some, do not forget to trim the parts that look out from under a swimsuit, and only with the onset of the bikini season. Others do not even bother to do this procedure, leaving the problem intact. But if you're not used to neglecting the slightest opportunity to become even more attractive for your man, Hollywood waxing can become a more interesting and important procedure for you.


This article will help lose your doubts and finally make this "Step"! It does not matter whether you have a sex partner or are temporarily out of stock - American researchers have shown that the presence of perfectly smooth skin in an intimate area gives confidence and improves mood as much as a nice expensive clothes or perfume can do the same!
According to statistics, about 80% of men would prefer to see it smooth skin, instead of the lush vegetation. Many people do talk, some even do down there, having lost hope of seeing a welcome smoothness. But if you do not want to ride your love life, perhaps Hollywood waxing will play in your bed new colors and fresh feelings.


To say it is not so painful is to lie!  But the availability of expertise and professionalism of the pro allows you to reduce the discomfort to a minimum. This procedure takes about 40 minutes. Before the procedure, you should let the hair grow about a 1/4'' (quarter inch).
If you are prone to ingrowns, you will apply serum to prevent pesky ingrown hairs.
In the opinion of many women, the pain is much less intense in the first days after the critical days. Also, it is very important to choose a person who specializes in waxing!


Hollywood waxing - the most common type of hair removal in the bikini regions. It includes the complete removal of all hair in the navel, pubic area, and derrière. The procedure is usually carried out using hot or hard wax!  In most cases I will always use to hard wax - to reduce sensitivity in such sensitive regions!   Hollywood waxing is commonly becoming known as a "full brazillian".


With the reduction in the size of the women's swimwear and basic pantys - it has become necessary to remove the pubic hair!  The hairs are now much more visible and cause a sense of confusion and dissatisfaction among women, and might spoil the aesthetic experience. Then they began to remove even the hairs that are not visible from the swimsuit for greater appeal!
In the Middle East, hair removal from a woman's body was considered a necessary part of hygiene and is a centuries-old tradition!  There is evidence that the pubic hair is removed in ancient India rooted in three or even four thousand years before our era. Since then, in terms of material used, and the method, things haven’t changed. Removing pubic hair from women of the West has become customary since then, as from 1945, the size of swimsuit began to shrink! Changes in the styles of underwear also, over time, are causes of the bare Hollywood waxing.
Hollywood waxing in the form, in which it is known today, was introduced in the late 80s of the last century from the salon of J. Sisters in Manhattan in New York. Since the workers were of Brazilian origin, that might’ve been the reason for it to be called Brazilian. Although, some say that the style was named Brazilian simply because it sounded exotic.